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3B Blinds & Shutters

Zebra Blinds & Shades

Zebra roller blinds add elegance to your home or office and can be used in any room. It combines the beauty of fabric shades with the convenience of horizontal roller blinds' light control abilities. By simply adjusting the panels, you can have the soft translucency of a sheer curtain or the soft beauty of a fabric shade

Zebra Blinds & Shades
Honeycomb Blinds - Pleated Blinds

It can be operated from bottom to top and top to bottom. Thanks to these features, it has the advantage of easily providing heat and light control. Our curtains, which can be used in your glass balconies and winter gardens, are a unique curtain system in this sense

Honeycomb Blinds - Pleated Blinds
Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds, modern touch to the old, are presented in versatile color options with designs that beautify any space in your home. Choose a soft design that will add a gentle and elegant touch to your windows. With our extensive fabric selection, you can be sure that our roller blind collection will have a style that will enrich your decor.

3B Roller Blinds
Sunscreen Blinds (Solar Shades)

Blinds are a revolutionary window shades that use a fabric designed to reduce heat, provide UV protection, and block harsh sun glare while protecting your view. Our Sunscreen Curtain collections offer a variety of colors and textures that will bring a modern look to any space in your home. Sunscreen curtain, which is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly choice for any room that is exposed to a lot of sun, is an excellent choice for all kinds of spaces.

3B Sunscreen Blinds (Solar Shades)

Blackout blinds completely block sunlight and provide perfect privacy. Blackout is a type of woven fabric with zero 'holes' thus allowing 0% light transmission

Blackout Blinds
Bamboo Zebra Blinds

Multiple levels of privacy control and light control, including Bamboo Zebra, Blinds Dimming view. Open-grain airy fabric for optimum light distribution. Luxury for long-lasting, quality curtain

3B Bamboo Zebra Blinds
Luxury Curtain

For premium, designer-inspired window fashions and home accents that elevate a room like never before, you’ll fall in love with our High-Quality Luxury Curtain

Luxury Curtain


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